P5 Adoptions

Hello! My name is Druid, and I’m in charge of the adoptions available on this page. I’m prodigiously¬†proud of them!¬†All petz available on these pages were born in the Petz5 version of the game. You’ll see both catz and dogz available of all types, but please feel free to request a litter from anyone on the crew. Each page will explain any rules, and if you cannot find or use the adoption form then please use the one at the bottom of this page.




For fun, I’m also keeping track of all the successful adoptions I have placed on the Archive linked below. If you see a pet you like you could request a litter from the same parents!



Adoption Form

Name of Petz?:
What page?:
Application (*if required)
-Why? or Trade (include picture of at least 1 pet for trade or a pair you're willing to breed in trade):

Send to patchwork150@yahoo.com