Here’s some fun P4 only downloads!

Breeding Chart

This is an excel chart I made as an easy reference for non-inbred breeding. It’s color coded and runs from generation 1 to 8.


Breeding Stock

I’ve decided to make my breeding stock available to anyone who wishes to use them for their own lines.

Purebred 1st Generations

  • 1st Generation Mutts with a minimum of face streaks and chest patches. This zip file contains _ pairs.
  • 1st Generation Dalmations. This zip file contains _ pairs

Purebred 2nd Generation

  • 2nd Generation Mutated Purebred Dalmations. This zip file contains _ pairs, non are related.
Downloadable Adoptions


MPC Calicos




These are playscenes for P4 created by me for my young daughter. Please feel free to use but do not claim credit:

Pirate Ship

This playscene includes lots of interaction- the treasure chest opens,